Our history

The palace "Gulustan" was constructed in 1979-1980s on the basis of a draft prepared by the Baku State Design Institute and pursuant to the decree #23 issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the Azerbaijan SSR and dated June 16, 1980 functioned as restaurant/wedding house. In 1991-2006-s years, "Gulustan" continued to carry out its activities as a restaurant/wedding house, but this time on the rights of a rental company.

Since May 2006, "Gulustan" received the status of the palace of the Executive Office of the President of Azerbaijan.

The palace of "Gulustan" has evidenced a great number of activities, which are of great importance for Azerbaijan. The most crucial among them is, undoubtedly, the signing of the "Contract of Century", held at the initiative and under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev and concluded on September 20, 1994. According to this agreement, British "BP", US "Amoco" and "Pennzoil", Russian "Lukoil" and Turkish "TPAO" united into a single consortium for oil production in the Azeri part of the Caspian Sea.